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11/14/2013, 08:09 PM
I've been using ecoexotic panorama pro's over my 20g for about a year, now. My chemistry hasn't been right on but now I've finally got it down. I'm using 2x blue/white and 1x magenta/blue on a 3 way splitter and on a dimmer. My dimmer just quit and I thought of getting the new ecoxotic controller for $66. Then I thought I'm into this for 3x strips @ $70/piece, transformer @ $40 and other odds and ends I'm already at $250 before I get the controller. So now I'm thinking sell the whole thing and get a new light. I want it to be controllable so the photon 24 looks good. Then I think for $70 more I can get a AI Hydra with all its cree leds and full spectrum. Then of course I think for $150 more I can get the holy grail of light the Radion for $550. I'm leaning towards the reefbreeders butr wanted to hear others ideas. Eventually I'm gonna go to a 40-50g rimless tank so either of these should handle that.

11/15/2013, 05:30 PM
I would get the reefbreeders

11/15/2013, 09:56 PM
It depends on what kind of look you are going for comparing the reef breeders to the radion or hydra is difficult they are different types do LEDs for sure and it depends on your budget of course I own a radion that hangs over my 34 rimless but I am running halides on my 150 along with the reef breeders value fixture in the middle to kind of experiment with I can tell you if I only had to buy one led fixture for a tank I would do a radion if you are going to need two on your upgrade that might be something to consider you didn't say what dimensions the 40 or 50 gal rimless might be the larger photon from reef breeders might be something to consider if it would require 2 radians vs 1 photon and your on a budget like I am hope this helps btw I have seen the hydras they are pretty decent as well but for me it would come down to if I eventually would need 1 or 2 fixtures again