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11/17/2013, 10:54 AM
I stumbled upon this new sponsor site and thought I share my most recent VA win from a couple days ago.

Due to my past success with Vivid Aquariums' WYSIWYG frags and fish, I Pre-Ordered a blue carpet anemone trusting them to find something nice. After I placed my order I called to let them know I was more concerned with color, quality, and health than I was exact size of what I ordered. I told them if be happier with a smaller but beautiful animal should they come across one. Sure enough, Friday I got a call and voicemail from Zack saying the "the guys found a really nice blue carpet" but that it was a little bigger than what I ordered. He was calling to make sure this would be ok and if so, to let me know it could ship that day. I have had a carpet before and have planned on it growth so I told him it would be great and thanks for checking.

The nem arrived warm and happy despite out local sub-freezing temps and since we all love pics I thought I'd share a couple.

As I placed it in:

This morning:

Thanks Again guys!

01/19/2014, 07:16 PM
Wow Johnny, what a beautiful carpet !

I plan on setting up a anemone tank and really want a red or blue carpet. I have some questions.

If you don't want to post the price, please PM or email me with the amount.

How much has it mover around and has it settled in one spot ?

What other anemone's do you have ?

Since their sting is very strong, has it attacked other live stock including fish ?

Do you have any clown fish that will be hosting it ?

What lighting do you have ?

Can you post more photo's ?