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11/20/2013, 01:31 PM
I have a pump that was purchased from you guys by another company and shipped to me directly from you guys. The pump is not working and after talking with one of your associates on the phone and trying different things to try to get it going it still won't run. Now I'm told I have to ship it back at my own expense for a product that arrived non-functional because it was purchased by someone else even thought it came to me directly from you. How does this differ from if I want purchase something and have it shipped to someone else as a gift. It your product, you sent it directly to me. I don't understand why you guys don't want to deal with it now that it is not functioning. Why are you guys trying to pass the buck. This does not make me confident about purchasing products from you guys.

11/20/2013, 01:45 PM
I believe Shaun is wrapping this up for you. Since the original vendor you purchased this pump from can not be reached, we will handle this for you directly.


11/20/2013, 01:59 PM
Just to be clear I didn't purchase it from him, he purchased it on my behalf from you guys. Just got off the phone with Shaun, great guy to deal with by the way, and it looks like its being taken care of. Thanks.

11/20/2013, 02:14 PM
No problem. We'll get this taken care of as soon as the pump arrives.


01/20/2014, 10:10 AM
Well, just a recap of what happened with this pump. I sent it back and you guys said there was nothing wrong with it and sent it back to me knowing that there was some kind of problem, I guess you guys just didn't believe me. It actually was working for a while but now I can only get it to run if I pull the whole skimmer out of the water so that the pump is sucking in air then it starts going and now the pump makes noise. Yes I took the pump apart to see if there was anything wrong, nothing. I don't think this is acceptable for a pump with less than two months of use on it. Last time you guys told me that I have to pay to ship it back should I have any more problems with it. I don't want to ship this back to you only to have you guys send me the pump back again and say that its fine when it's not. Please let me know what to do with this substandard pump.

01/20/2014, 10:25 AM
After we received the pump last time we ran it, on and off on the timer, for over 24 hours and it was performing without any issues.
If you encountering any recent problems with the pump please call us at 847-775-0640 to get warranty RMA.
Once we receive the it we will test it and fix/replace it if needed.


01/20/2014, 12:20 PM
I took a video so that you can see that there IS a problem with this pump since last time apparently you guys didn't believe me. Hopefully this works.
http://i858.photobucket.com/albums/ab142/gar732/Mobile%20Uploads/th_IMG_0696_zpsb8857408.jpg (http://i858.photobucket.com/albums/ab142/gar732/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_0696_zpsb8857408.mp4)

01/20/2014, 12:27 PM
You have to click on the picture to get it to play.

01/20/2014, 01:57 PM
Talked to aquacave, I have to send the pump back to them at my cost, mind you they have already had this pump once and decided to send the same pump back to me without doing anything to it. I've never had to pay to send back a defective product before so this is awesome. Now my sps tank is to sit without a skimmer until I get it back from them. They could have sent me a different pump the first time and be done with it, I wouldn't have even cared if it was refurbished so long as it worked. Now it's going to cost me time and money and hopefully my tank doesn't suffer while I wait for the pump. Sorry if I sound harsh but this should have been taken care of the first time especially since dealing with these guys wasn't easy the first time either. Hopefully you guys will take this opportunity to improve your customer service for the next guy. This is unacceptable.

01/20/2014, 02:06 PM
Like I mentioned before, the first time we received this pump there was nothing wrong with it. We tested it for you and since it was working perfectly fine we sent it back to you.
We did pay shipping cost both ways even though there was nothing wrong with the pump.
Please clarify what was the customer service issue you've encounter the first time.


01/20/2014, 02:26 PM
Lol, the fact that the pump is again malfunctioning proves that there was something wrong with the pump. Is it policy for your customers to post videos to prove they have a problem? Because I feel you guys would not have believed me if I didn't. Obviously you guys didn't believe last time that is why you just sent me back the same pump. So what happens if you get the pump and it runs will you just send it back again? If you can't understand why I'm frustrated now then I guess I'm just waiting my time trying to explain it to you.

Let me ask you this, after seeing the video do you believe there is a problem with the pump and it needs service?

01/20/2014, 03:21 PM
It is our policy to get the product back so we can test it and determine what is causing the problem.
Please ship the pump back to us and we will repair or replace it as needed.


01/20/2014, 04:23 PM
You guys sat on the pump for six days and only sent it back out when I called. Since you guys don't care about my livestock I'm currently trying to borrow a skimmer from someone in my club. I'll find a box and send it out tomorrow. See here is where the customer service thing comes into play, help your customer to resolve there problems in a timely manner and don't make them jump through hoops before you are willing to help them. I have to pay to ship back an obviously defective product and this is the second time sending the same product back. You were wrong to send the pump back the first time without doing anything to it and hoping it was going to run correctly. You are wrong to make me pay to ship it back this time since it should have been taken care of the last time. The search for a borrowed skimmer isn't going too well and if I don't find one then I have to worry about losing livestock. And at when I finally get the pump back I have to hope that you actually did something to fix the problem, not just plug it in say its fine a ship it back. Your policies should be in place as a guide, in the end customer service should be your ultimate goal since your store will make more money through repeat business and referrals than someone making a purchase and never coming back. It's ok if there are problems, they are inconvenient but it happens. It's how you handle those problems that matters. This problem was not handled properly from the beginning.

01/20/2014, 04:45 PM
We didn't just sent you the same pump. We tested your pump for over 24 hours with multiple on-off cycles but we could not replicate the issue you described.
Please send the pump back to us as soon as possible so we can get this resolved for you in a timely matter.


01/26/2014, 12:37 PM
I have been using Aquacave for the last ten years, have placed multiple orders and have always gotten the best service. On occasion I have had issues with some products but always experienced a top notch customer service. Being a repeat customer for such a long period of time is a recognition of how much effort these guys put in every day.

01/26/2014, 01:06 PM
Do not do business with these guys. I had a horrible experience when I purchased my refugium from them. FedEx tracking showed the product was delivered. I never received anything. I contacted FedEx and they said since aqua cave didn't require a signature for the package they would not be responsible. So I contacted aqua cave and they stood by the tracking number. I contacted my credit card company to try and get a chargeback but aqua cave used the FedEx tracking number and I was still charged $300 for an item I never recieved.

The person I spoke to was the same guy replying in this thread, Albert. This guy was a joke he was very rude and even cursed at me when I spoke with him on the phone.

01/26/2014, 02:19 PM
Your refugium was delivered to you on Saturday 02/09/2013. Here is the link to your tracking number: https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/index.html?tracknumbers=145393460471193&cntry_code=us
We filed investigation with Fedex (twice) regarding this package and driver verified that it was delivered to the correct address.
As I recall, at the same time you have also reported the 2nd package, protein skimmer, to be missing as well. Somehow you changed your story once you were presented with the delivery confirmation that had your signature on it.
UPS tracking for protein skimmer: 1ZY34Y370396587046
Even though you admitted that you did receive the protein skimmer, it did not stop you from filing the credit card dispute for the whole amount of your order.

We always go the extra mile to take care of any issues our customers might have. Just like with any relationship, trust and honesty goes a long way. It saddens me that some people resolve to these type of comments simply because they did not get their way.


Ps. I never cursed at a customer on the phone. It was you who used expletive language every time you talked to one of our customer service reps.

01/26/2014, 02:24 PM
Never said the skimmer was missing. And FedEx told me the driver couldn't remember delivering the refugium and since the merchant didn't require a signature I would have to work things out with aqua cave. I tried working things out and was basically told I was S.O.L.

And as far as the chargeback I could not file for a certain amount only the entire amount. I would have been more than ok to either get my refugium or my money back. Instead I got stuck having to pay for the refugium and paying for a second through another merchant

01/26/2014, 02:36 PM
I talked to you personally when you reported both packages missing. Protein skimmer was shipped via UPS directly from Tunze. Because shipment did not go through our UPS account we contacted Tunze to file tracer on the package. We were told that because customer personally sign for the delivery they can not do anything regarding this claim. I'm sure Tunze guys can verify this if need to.
Selecting the charge-back amount is a standard step in the filing process.


01/27/2014, 03:04 PM
I never once said the skimmer wasn't delivered.

I have learned from this debacle and now require signatures on any package being delivered to my residence.

02/01/2014, 07:34 PM
We've dealt with AquaCave for years and have never had a problem. Sorry for your difficulties.

02/07/2014, 06:49 PM
There is no such thing as perfect. It's ok if there are problems, every vender will have problems eventually. It's the way those problems are dealt with that makes the difference. I hope you never have a problem.

I did not want this pump back because so far it's been nothing but problems and if they plug this thing in and it somehow works I was afraid I'd get the same pump back, again. So instead I asked if I could up grade to a different pump and just pay the difference. They agreed. I still don't have the new pump, but it should be here on Monday. At which point I still have to pay to ship the old pump back and when they receive it (hopefully as soon as they receive it, hint hint) I will get a credit for the original purchase price of the pump. For now I can no longer get the pump running anymore and I am without a skimmer in an sps tank, awesome. I was patiently waiting for my tracking number and after not receiving it I called on Tuesday of this week and was told it went out and they were going to send me the tracking number. I check the tracking and it says it scheduled for pick up that day. Looks like they forgot about me again. I'll be sure to call the day they receive the old pump to make sure I get my credit.

02/08/2014, 07:26 AM
A few weeks ago two overflow combs I ordered from AquaCave were damaged in transit. I emailed the contact address and they took care of the problem right away. I have also had really good experience talking with their people over the phone.

02/09/2014, 03:55 PM
Lol, lucky you. Did you have to pay for shipping again because I have to pay to send back an obviously defective product and had to spend more money with them to be sure I don't get the same defective product back, again. And I'm left on the back burner forgotten and ignored, nothing happens until I contact them days after I'm supposed to hear from them. I'm glad it worked out for. Good luck with your future purchases, I think you'll need it if you ever have an issue like me.

02/09/2014, 04:13 PM
At the time you asked to exchange your old pump for Diablo pump you were informed that there will be few days delay before we can get new pump out to you. You were fine with that so I'm not sure why you are expressing your appearance disappointment regarding this delay.
Your pump shipped out on 4th and, like you have been informed before, it is scheduled to be delivered on Monday.
Simply send the old pump back to us and we will process your refund as agreed.


02/15/2014, 01:55 PM
My disappointment wasn't with the delay but with the lack of communication.

The new pump came in and it runs! Crazy amounts of foam coming out of this pump and no start up issues! This makes me happy. I finally had a break in work and weather and I was able to get the old pump out. It cost me $13.70 to send it back, this does not make me happy. I still don't think its right to have to pay to send back a defective product that I've had problems with since day 1. Especially since you guys already had this pump in your possession and did nothing to remedy the problem. The fact that you could not replicate the problem within a 24hr time period obviously did not mean the problem did not exist. You guys sent the pump back and hoped for the best and now I'm stuck paying for it and it's just not right. I'm hoping you guy credit my card in a timely manner so I can be done with this whole ordeal and chalk it up to a lesson learned. I'll be tracking the package and I'll give a call when you guys receive it just to make sure it gets done.

02/16/2014, 04:32 PM
You will find that most every manufacturer and retailer requires you to pay shipping to get it to them.