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11/29/2013, 11:29 PM
Posted a long thread on the FMAS forums with corals and a few other items for sale. It's easier just to post the link here:


11/30/2013, 09:02 AM
Very cool, Thank you for sharing!!:bounce3:

12/04/2013, 08:29 PM
What's left so far

AOI Zoanthids, 4 polyp with a baby, $100

Flowerpot Coral, $25, 3" diameter.

Cyphastrea, Blue base with Green/yellow polyps, $30, entire frag plug encrusted. The higher up towards the light, the bluer the base will become

Dragon Eyes Zoas: $100 (Mother Colony also pictured)

Lord of the Rings zoanthids, $50. 6 large polyps with a couple babies.
Second image high up under Blues

28g Nano Cube with stand. $250. This is the LED Pro version with stand, and waveMaker Duo (includes both pumps). All LED's work, but the hood needs the external Power Supply for the Daytime LED's, and the internal Driver for the Dusk/Dawn LED's. I have powered them all up using a benchtop power supply to confirm they work. I got the setup this way, and had a DIY LED fixture above it. The Power supply and driver are roughly $100 online. It does have scratches on the front glass. I did my best to get pictures with my hand in the image for size reference.

Custom DIY LED Fixture: $175. Approx 3 months run time on it @ 7 hours per day. Custom built/designed/fabricated Aluminum Housing with built in Intake and Exhaust Cooling fans, that are silent unless your right next to it (19db). External Meanwell ELN-60-48D drives 3 leds: 1-Luxeon 3Up Blue, 1- Luxeon 3Up Royal Blue, 1 Bridgelux Coolwhite (1200 Lumens). All LEDs run off the same driver at 1000mA. Equivelant to a 150w 14k Pheonix Halide (Photo's with both fixtures below). A hanger will be needed, but the picture cable does come with it. It does have an inline mini pot, that is adjustable. Running these at 1000mA is the sweet spot for color rendition. It can also be setup without the pot and connected to an Apex Controller.

I can build a few more of these is anyone is interested, with manual pots on the fixture. If interested let me know.

Tank complete, Stand, and DIY Fixture $400