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12/19/2013, 12:52 AM
Hello all,

I am considering setting up my first salt water tank, well my first tank ever. A friend of mine is selling his Red Sea MAX 130D for a good price and I am very tempted (he has upgraded). The plan is to have corals with some fish and a clean up crew! I had wanted some hermit crabs and such but after reading on here it may not be a good idea with fish.


I do have some concerns. I live in a smallish flat so space is at a premium. I have enough room for the tank but I have a few questions:

What is the most space efficient way to mix water?
How do you get large volumes of water to temperature? My flat will be cooler than the tank.
Is noise or tv's a problem? I would like to put my tank in the same room as my tv so I can enjoy it more.
For my size of tank what would be an appropriate size QT? I am looking for 3-6 fish in my tank (clowns, maybe jawfish or goby etc). How much should I look to spend?
What sand depth is recommended? I see anything from 1" to 3-4". I like the goby but I have read that it will limit the amount of coral on the sand.

I am sure I will think of more questions as I go. I really want to make an informed purchase. Any information or help you could lend me would be greatly appreciated!


12/19/2013, 06:02 AM
To mix buckets I use a tote with a power head and a heater. Takes up noore than 2'2'. A heater will keep your water to temperature. I've never owned that tank so I don't know how loud it is but I would guess it's pretty quiet. QT wise a 5 or 10 gallon standard aquarium should suffice. Depth of sand I could go either way on, mines about 2-3".

12/19/2013, 07:39 PM
If space is scarce you can just mix up saltwater in a plastic pail on per water change. If you have a closet you can dedicate you can stack water containters. Put your rodi water ontop, valve to the 2nd container for your salt mix.
As for heating it up, I would again just heat up the bucket of saltwater your going to use. I have a spare 200wat heater for a 6gallon bucket, heats up 5 actual gallons in an hour easy from 68f-83f.

I've always just used a 10gallon qt tank as I have it already.

My tank has been in the same room as the tv, noise didn't seem to bother the fish any. I don't have a super awsome 7.1 surroundsound blashing 100db though. I wouldn't worry about it unless you really crank up the volume all the time.

I prefer shallow sand in my nano, but I also don't have much chilling there. If you want a sandshifting goby/ect I would go deeper sand and give them enough.

As for the hermits, I've found they are very hit or miss. No matter what I did they would eventually kill snails for the shells, even if there were plenty around. Other than that they are interesting.