View Full Version : Way High Calcium 700+....new Red Sea Test??

12/30/2013, 07:44 PM
Just got a New Red sea Pro refill test kit (actually had for about 2 mos now) and compared to my old (both red sea pro)

Old test read 410 and now the new test was 750 (~1.5ml to change). tested 2 times same number.
Old empty kit is about 1+ yrs old.

I also ordered the replacement batch of reagent from red Sea a month back after reading about their bad batches.

I will borrow a buddies test kit to compare for accurate results. But if cal is truly 750 is that harmful or just a waste of calcium?
Or can it even be that high? Will it precipitate out? Water crystal clear. Oh and all corals look to be happy and colors look great.

So i did just retest again 2 ways:
New test kit 1.46 ml (730)
Old test kit part A & B with new test kit solution C: 1.50ml (750)

So either my old part C was way bad or the new part C is way bad? I am out of old solution C for more tests. But had tested tank like 3 times in the last week and was usually around that 410-420 mark on old tests


12/30/2013, 07:45 PM
Also will that high of Calcium throw off the ALK or Mg tests? before I go correcting those Params.

Alk shows 7.5 on both red sea and hanna alk checker.
Mg just tested 1260

12/30/2013, 10:26 PM
That calcium level might be accurate. It won't affect the alkalinity or magnesium test results, in any case. I am not sure that I'd trust mixing the reagents between versions of the kit. I'd get another opinion. Sigh!

12/31/2013, 06:55 AM
yeah i definitely think it is off. I will retest with another buddies kit later today, however he has a red sea test kit as well.

IF calcium is truly that HIGH is it dangerous or just wasted solution that doesn't help?
May have to see what the lfs has in stock. Salifert I hope!

12/31/2013, 07:23 AM
I had the same issue with my old Red Sea Calcium test kit. So far I'm batting 50/50 with these kits. My first Calcium kit was messed up and was reading low. The newest one is working great and matches up with our ICP very well. The test kit reads 390ppm and the ICP says it's 383ppm (I know, I have to bring it up. :) ). I'm also ordering a different brand Mg kit because mine is way off; 940ppm on the test kit and 1,133ppm on the ICP.

I'm starting to really wonder about these Red Sea test kits. Let's just say that my experience has not been good and I'll be looking elsewhere when they are exhausted.

The funny thing is that I've never read about a Salifert or Elos recall, but seem to run into them all the time with the Red Sea.

12/31/2013, 08:12 AM
If your Calcium is truly at 750 ppm I would think you would have heavy calcium precipitation unless your magnesium levels were up in the area of 2000 ppm. Sounds like a bad test kit. I tried the Red Sea test kits and for me they matched closely with my Salifert test results, but after so many years using the Salifert brand they were just easier for me to use (I have the test charts memorized) so I switched back to Salifert.

12/31/2013, 09:03 AM
Yeah I originally used to use the salifert test and liked them. then like 2 yrs back when Red sea came out with the nice kit, shaker thingy and refilables i gave them a try. I compared to my salifert and they tested as easy and tested basically the same results as my salifert. I wasn't as fond of the red sea MG tewst kit as when you near the end one drop difference make a 40-500ppm different reading.

Then of late I have been hearing of many issues with red sea test kits. Now it too seems like I am in the mix of a bad kit. :headwally: I thought the issue was however with the powder in these kits. However when i used my old powder with the new liquid part c i still got the crazy high number. So maybe i got good part a & b but a bad part c solution.:blown:

Looks like back to salifert I go after this but use the convenient red sea shaker!:beer:

12/31/2013, 03:08 PM
People have reported some very high calcium levels without any precipitation occurring. Exactly when precipitation occurs is hard to predict for a number of reasons. As one example, organics and phosphate both can act to prevent precipitation, by fouling crystal surfaces. I'd be cautious about predicting an exact level that's unsafe, although I agree that the test kit seems to be wrong.