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01/07/2014, 11:01 AM
Finally got rid of my phosphate issues, but I need some input/solutions to some other findings.
Ammonia-0 (AP)
Nitrite-0 (AP)
Nitrate-0 (AP)
PH- Between 7.8-8.0 (AP)
Phosphate-0 (Hanna Checker)
Alkalinity-7.056 (Hanna Checker)
Calcium-532 (Hanna Checker)
Magnesium-Can't check yet. Just got my kit out of the mailbox and the solution is frozen lol! (Salifert)

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

01/07/2014, 11:18 AM
I'm not a big fan of API test kits, since when I first got into SW they caused me alot of grief with inaccurate/inconsistent test results. Although your pH is probably alright, I don't think any chemical test kit will give you accurate results, some kind of metering device with a properly calibrated probe would be best. Hanna is good for both your PO4 and Alk, but they have had some problems with the Ca meter, so it might be prudent to get a second opinion on that test. As far as the Mg test is concerned, I don't know if freezing the reagent will have an affect on test results, maybe one of the scientist can chime in on that.

01/07/2014, 03:24 PM
Those numbers all are okay. The calcium level is a bit high, but some salt products come that high. This article covers all the basic water parameters:


01/08/2014, 09:42 AM
Finally got my magnesium test kit thawed out. Reading is 1290. Should I try to raise it a bit? SG is 1.025.

01/08/2014, 09:45 AM
I wouldn't, typical SW is 1280, and the recommended range is 1250 to 1350, so your good to go.

01/08/2014, 04:40 PM
I agree. I would leave the level as is, but raising it a bit shouldn't cause any harm.