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01/15/2014, 09:43 AM
I have seen the one in the details of our Renew system thread above, but would like to see more. If am reading correctly a complete system will handle the water change, topoff of the RO/DI resevoir and ATO for the display system? The only thing I would have to do is mix the saltwater resevoir?

02/01/2014, 10:41 PM
You are right. I have the pro version and its does work as ATO to replace evaporated water from sump. Also it keeps eye on the ATO bin and turns the ro/di unit on when bin is low and stops at max level thus you dont have to worry about running out or overflowing the bin.
Also it does automatic water change for you as long as you have saltwater made in the replacement bin. It also monitors and shuts the water change off when bin runs low and not causing the pump to keep running dry and burn out.
Its a very failsafe system (pro version) as it comes with fail safe secondary sensors.
here are few pics on my system.

The whole system from backside

Tank from front 1 yr ago

Water metering wells.

Light brown bin (50gal) ATO bin with ro/di water, Dark brown 50gal of saltwater.

2 Ro/di units both controlled by Rvoc.

02/09/2014, 05:46 AM
Thanks Bnumair. I also found the diagrams in another thread so I understand how it all works. I definately plan on getting this for my upcomin Large tank build.