View Full Version : Waste water leaks slowly

01/20/2014, 07:00 PM
I'm having what I think is a problem with the 75GPD reefkeeper that I ordered back in November. I just got around to permanently installing it. Before, I was just hooking it up to a faucet. The location it is installed does not have convenient access to a drain line or a great place to drain it to outside. Because of this, I'm collecting the waste water in a barrel.

What I've noticed is that after turning the RODI water outlet off, the waste water will run for a couple minutes and finally shut off. I think this is normal, but what is strange is that my barrel is filling a gallon or so each day without turning the RODI output on. I assume this is because the ASOV is leaking slowly or at times allowing water through and then stopping again.

What is a good option given the setup I have? Ultimately, I don't want the waste water container to overflow (even though it's in a garage and wouldn't be the end of the world), but I can't put a float valve on the waste water line (can I?). Is there a double float valve that could shut off two separate water lines that I could use in my waste water container (which would shut off the RO/DI output and the waste water output if the float raised)?