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01/22/2014, 05:43 PM
I do quite alot of orders through blue zoo along with a friend who places the orders for a group of us. I dont see many threads on here so I thought I would add one. Every fish I have received have had the most amazing colors so the fish they send are healthy. We have had issues with acclimation in the past and found our new way and works well. Its pretty much the stickied method in the main forums. Out of the many probably close to 100 items we have gotten I cant remember a doa. Ive had 2 that didn't make it to the tank. My method of acclimation is grab a bucket set to the same salinity of Bz whuch is 1.018. Float the bag to bring up temp check ph and match them open the bag net the fish and drip acclimate. We have never had a single issue with inverts or corals all do well. A few with fish but they always come in in great health. We do a fish order from them once a month at most every other. Now that we have our acclimation down hopefully smooth sailing. Our last order we lost 1 out of 2 boxes which is way better than our past so it definitely had to do with our acclimation ways. Defiently worth trying

01/22/2014, 06:08 PM
Thank you for the comments. It's nice to see positive stuff posted here. We do try very hard to make sure every animal we send has the best chance of doing well for our customers. Keep up the good work.

Take care.

01/22/2014, 06:17 PM
Now all you have to do is get some carribean alantic blue tangs in I dont think you guys have had them in awhile or atleast when I want them. And auburn your issue seemed more the fault of fed ex not blue zoo and you even said that and now are taking it out on blue zoo seems kinda wrong. You really cant say much becuase of one order that went wrong. If afyer the many orders I have beem involved in never had a box of dead animals in it its not that common. If the orders were in my name I would let blue zoo tell you how many items we have gotten from them but there not and im sure it would be illegal for me to have them search another persons account so im not gonna bother. But the guy that does my orders maintains a bunch of tanks for alot of clients so im sure its alot.

01/22/2014, 06:34 PM
You know, the last supplier who was shipping the Atlantic Blue tangs at a reasonable price went out of business. They are available but the only supplier who has them wants almost double what they normally should be. We have been waiting for the price to drop in order to bring them in. We don't think its fair when people like that price gouge so badly so we just refuse to order. Hopefully we will have them soon though. :)