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01/30/2014, 10:59 PM
Decided I couldn't wait any longer and decided to setup a simple 10g nano. Previously had a 72g bowfront reef that I had to get rid of due to life happening. Its only 3 weeks old, and still in the process of developing the technology on it. This pic is testing out my custom LED. 263294

01/31/2014, 10:18 AM
It looks like you are off to a good start so far. Small tanks can be fun too.

01/31/2014, 10:28 AM
Thanks, i have hopes of making TOTM some day. Is there a specific place to start a thread just for my tank for people to follow progress? I've never been all that great in navigating these forums to be honest.

01/31/2014, 02:14 PM
I am also trying to start up a smaller tank, 10 or 20 gallon, What kind of lighting are you using ? Also what are your watts per gallon ? In my nano I want to be able to keep at least some soft corals.

02/02/2014, 06:10 AM
For my 10 gallon I made my own LED light bar. I am using 7-3W LED's, 3 are 25,000K, and the other 4 are Royal Blue 450nm in color. I am using 2 different drivers to power the setup. I had initially intended to use a dimmer on the lights, but found that my drivers like to make noise when dimmed from 20-85%. I have no idea how my corals will take to the light as I literally just finished the hood last night, but the color that this setup brings out is gorgeous to me.

It is my undersanding that the watts per gallon rule does not apply when using LED's because of the wide varying degree of lights available, so dont get hung up on that. It took me a lot of experimentation, and tons of research to come up with my lights, and I still don't know if it will be perfect. Let me know if you have any more questions about my lights.

02/02/2014, 06:44 PM
Looks great. Im in the same boat after 8yrs with a 120g. Started with a 10 and upgraded to 20 long after it leaked.

02/04/2014, 11:36 AM
Very nice! I can't wait to buy my house so that I can go crazy with a built in tank, but this 10 will do for now, and I will likely keep it if all goes well. What did you use in your 10 for water flow? Im using a koralia nano 240, but i feel that it is tough to put in a good spot without creating too much flow for corals

02/04/2014, 12:16 PM
Nice tank! Is that Real Reef Rock?

02/04/2014, 12:23 PM
I don't think it is Real Reef Rock. The LFS said it was just premium coraline loaded LR. They could have tricked me though....

Here is an updated pic with my new lighting.

02/04/2014, 12:32 PM
Also here is a link for a mini video shot. I will constantly be changing things for a bit until its "perfect" in my eyes.


02/04/2014, 12:39 PM
Here is a vid as well....

*Edit-Sorry I don't know how to make a link, a link on my phone

02/04/2014, 02:08 PM
Hey, lookin' good. I like you downsized because life happened. I had a 90g and now have a 36g bowfront. Since I had to carry water for WCs, can't say I miss that! There are benefits to smaller tanks!!!

02/13/2014, 09:49 AM
Looking Amazing!

02/13/2014, 10:29 AM
Thanks a lot! I will have to post a new video as I have re-done my rock and added some goodies. I will be posting in a different thread. Not sure how to link to it though

02/13/2014, 10:49 AM
New thread regarding this tank:


02/13/2014, 11:20 AM