View Full Version : Another HELP with lighting

01/31/2014, 07:13 PM
I am upgrading my tank from a 72 gallon bow to a typical 180 gallon. I have a reef tank with some coral. I am a newbie. Lol. My mind is spinning on what lighting to get for this tank. I currently have a six bulb T5 fixture on my 72. Is there a standard on what to go with? It seems everyone does their own thing. Lol. I originally thought Radion LED but then saw their pricing and thought there has to be a better option. So I looked at Reefbreeders. Then saw some are combining T5 and halide. Then saw others combining LED with various other things. Can someone please stop the spinning lol. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks all!!

Mark Bianco
01/31/2014, 10:56 PM
Radions are not that expensive when comparing them to mitras. Lighting will depend more on what they of coral you want to keep. On my 210gl mixed I use 3 AI Hydra 52 and two 80 watt T5' retro's for a more even look. I do not own any but many people really like the reefbredders photon series