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02/05/2014, 10:09 AM
Hey everyone,

I just upgraded a 75 gallon fish only to a 150 gallon reef and need to learn A LOT! Found this forum and have been trolling for about a month now. I'm learning a ton of great stuff and figured it was time I jumped in. I'm open to any suggestions about equipment, setup, anything I should be doing and not doing, etc. I will admit off the bat that I'm cheating in that I have someone come every other week to clean the tank and test the water so I don't screw it all up. I don't know all my water parameters but so far everything is crystal clear except for some diatom forming on the new sand.

I have 10 fish that came over from the other tank, a bunch of invertebrate (2 shrimp, strawberry crab, hermits, snails) and 13 coral that I started off with, a mix of LPS, "starter" SPS (i.e. green monti cap) and soft. The build is:
--150 gallon euro braced custom tank from Coast to Coast with starphire on the front and left side. Single overflow on the right back corner. Custom stand from a carpenter in my area.
--Maxspect R420r 300w 16000k led lights
--2 Vortech MP40W ES
--Trigger system Ruby 36 sump with chaeto and live rock in one compartment
--Ehiem 1260 return pump
--Diablo Skimmer with Ref Octopus bubble blaster pump, HY-1000s
--2 Ehiem Heaters

I'm about to get an ATO, probably Tunze, maybe Spectrapure (thoughts?) as I lose about a gallon and a half a day right now. I think that is it. Thoughts and opinions welcome and I'm uploading some pics although the quality is not great and enhanced using the Mac iPhoto auto-enhancing tool.

I'm looking forward to a lot more learning! Thanks everyone.

02/05/2014, 10:47 AM
Welcome! I have the Tunze osmolator and found it very easy to set up once I figured out what all the parts were (reading the instructions helped dramatically). No experience with the spectrapure.

I like the reef aquascape a lot. Do the pvc pieces in there serve a purpose? (someone's home?)

Sharp looking stand too. :beer:

02/05/2014, 10:53 AM
Thanks! That was all my tank guy with a little input from me. :) the PVC was the former home of a snowflake eel who didn't make the migration to the new tank since the only cover is now a wire frame and mesh screen. But since the green star polyps are growing nicely over it I kept it.

Thanks for the vote on the Tunze. It seems to be popular!

Sugar Magnolia
02/05/2014, 11:06 AM

Wonderful looking tank!

02/07/2014, 08:32 AM
Thank you so much!