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02/06/2014, 03:20 PM
Is one of those intank media baskets really much better than the jbj 28g stock basket?

02/07/2014, 10:10 AM
I replaced my stock media basket with this one from In Tank media baskets. They are built very nicely and out of quality acrylic. Easy to open which was what I hated about my JBJ Nano Cube basket. It has a lot more room in it as well so i am able to keep a good amount of Chaeto in it now. The flow through the basket is great. I will replace the crap stock basket with this one on every biocube I ever own.


It was a little pricy for just a media basket so it depends on what you are looking for in one whether or not to go with this. For me i bought the biocube used the the previous owner didnt take very good care of it and the basket was really in bad shape. It was very flimsy plastic and was a real PIA to open to swap out my filter media. Their design was terrible. I was going through a pretty bad algae problem as well and really wanted to put some chaeto in there to get rid of that. The stock one really wouldnt have had much room to allow the chaeto to grow so it seemed pointless to use that one.

This new media basket is laser cut and fits perfectly. You can very easily slide it open to access the media inside and clean. It is a quality built product that will last the life of the tank for sure. Its a few inches longer than the original which means bigger compartments which is a huge plus for me. Since space is limited on a biocube being able to pack more filtration in the same area is a big plus. It also has a lip that sticks up right where the water flows over the top chamber to keep the water in the basket and flowing through your media. With the old basket once your sponge or top filter media begins to clog water couldnt pass through it fast enough to keep up with the flow from the tank and you would notice most of the water just ends up bipassing the basket which defeats its purpose. This one does a much better job at exposing way more of the water to your media.

And it fits like a glove.

Hope this helped.

02/07/2014, 08:58 PM
I don't know about the JBJ but I have a Biocube 29 and the InTank media basket is great.

02/07/2014, 10:24 PM
i got an intank for my aquaclear70
im going to get the one for the biocube soon! doo itt!

02/09/2014, 09:53 AM
Hmmm i believe i will! :) Now to figure out what to put in it?