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02/06/2014, 11:40 PM
Tax time is almost here for me once again and this is the time of the year I get order some creatures I would normally shy away from on a normal order, my question to you guys is have you gotten any new animals like perhaps the Berghi nudibranches (I may have spelled that wrong) or some of the different marine plants currently on ORA's product list? I look forward to placing an order in a month or so and would like to build a very diverse refugium (est.30-40gl.) with many different algaes and plants to incorporate it onto my existing 120gl & 28gl ref.

Thank in advance !!

02/07/2014, 03:00 PM
Hey Dave,

Great to hear from you. You know we also love helping you with new projects.

We have had berghia nudis in recently but they are so small. lol Let us know if you want one or a few and we will get them for you.

As for alage, taking a look at the ORA list, the only really good fuge algae is the chaeto. You can use ulva too but it is really more of a pain to deal with than it's worth. The other algaes they list are either designed to be a food or a truly ornamental, slow growing algae. We can absolutely get you some of our home grown chaeto thoguh when you are ready and if you wanted to try ulva as well, we have that too.

You should call when you can and talk to Monkey about this stuff in more detail. He would love to hear from you.

Take care

02/07/2014, 11:13 PM
yes calling on Monday sounds like a great idea. as far as the different macro algae and plants, I actually would like to do that in all three phases:
number 1- have the chaeto serving in the filtration system
number 2- the vulv for ornamental purposes
Number 3- and the other one I would love to cultivate for food... so in essence I would like to do all the options and utilize each one of them for their individual properties and basically expand upon the existing system I have , but thank you for the reply... you guys always come through and it's always much appreciated I'll reach out to you guys on Monday have a great weekend thank you !!!

Regards, Dave