View Full Version : Returning to Oahu in March

02/10/2014, 06:52 AM
I was stationed in Hawaii a few years back and will be returning for a week in March. I did a lot of diving there from 2000-2004, my favorites being the YO-257 by kayak, the Tiger Shark, Kaka'Ako at night, Electric Beach (with a lookout topside to keep an eye on stuff), and a few places on the North Shore, and Hanauma Bay at sunrise. I used to be part of the club at Hickam and charged my tanks for a song and dance.

At the time, I wasn't in to reefkeeping, perhaps I am now since I don't live there any more. I'm looking for a good spot to see more reef now as I used to primarily dive wrecks. Primarily shore diving but may rent a kayak if there's something worth seeing further out.

I'm sure collection permits are impossible to get for coral, but the real question is whether it's even worth it? I Imagine most everything found in the waters there (although diminishing) is available at local shops, no?

Finally, anyone out there diving CCR? I know I ran into a few guys back then, but not many.

02/10/2014, 07:33 AM
Geez. After reading a bit more, I didn't think it was possible to be more strict on animal import than they were on domestic animals (the 93 week or whatever mafioso QT) and snakes (which I get).

Guess everyone really likes FOWLR there, huh?

Looks like I'll focus on the GoPro then!