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02/12/2014, 07:28 PM
Hello! So after several nights of waiting for RO/DI, my tank is ready to cycle. I have a QT set up, but it has not completed cycling yet either (only 4 days in). I'm currently curing live rock in the QT which I will move to DT today to kick off the cycle.

When is a good time for me to get a fish into the QT? I'm thinking that I need it to cycle first before getting a fish? I don't want to deal with lots of water changes. Also, I have chemipure, purigen, and floss in the media basket right now. Is this appropriate for the cycle?

I'm very excited to finally have all of the equipment to set up! Just need to find a reservoir to fit in the stand for my ATO. I think I may be happy with the rock placement, but I know I was tired of rearranging it for the 100th time last Saturday. The top rock slanting kind of bothers me. Any suggestions are welcome to the rock-scaping, now would be the perfect time to change it! I'm just out of ideas :idea:

02/12/2014, 07:38 PM
What about adding some fritzyme9or other bacterial enzymes or the old dead shrimp method of cycling.

02/12/2014, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the reply! I have a raw scallop in there, but I'm waiting to put the bottle of bacterial goo the LFS recommended and the live rock until my salt content is right. I don't really want the live rock in the tank as I'm pretty happy with the aqua scape, but I figured it'd help the cycle start.

02/12/2014, 09:05 PM
I too am starting a tank. I can tell you from my brief experience it seems like it took forever to create all the RODI water (3+ days).. My live rock is pretty much dying which is normal. I did the shrimp method after not being able to locate pure amonia.

My tank began to smell and the amonia did rise to about 2ppm. After a week the amonia fell to .5 ppm and my nitrates showed up last night.

Best advice I can give is don't rush it and be patient. Your pet rock and sand are great to look at. After reading these forums for the past few weeks I can see what happens when people rush it. They come here and wonder why the fish is dying or listing.

02/12/2014, 09:31 PM
It's so hard to be patient, but I'm making sure I am! This was my husbands birthday present to me and the way that I convinced to let me have it early is that I won't be able to "actually" have it up and running with fish until May - my birthday :)

I guess I'm a bit unsure with the QT tank. I'd like to have a fish in there now so in 4-6 weeks I could have him/her transferred to the display. However, I believe I've read that it's best to fill the QT with DT water after it's cycled. I've read all the stickies, but somehow it's much more confusing when you start up a tank.

Guess Ill just get a couple corals in a month-ish, what's another month or two for my beautiful wish list Picasso clown? I guess that's technically my birthday so maybe I should ask for a gold nugget maroon? Too bad they are so expensive and prolly aggressive. :P

02/12/2014, 09:44 PM
Essentially you need to get the bacteria colonies going. If your starting fresh just treat the qt as another tank. If you want to start early on the qt you can but you will need to test the water and change it a lot.