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02/15/2014, 08:10 AM
I posted this in neptune forum as well, but I'm not sure where it belongs...But I need some help please !

I received my avast marine ato the other day. Finally have a time to set it up. I Just got the one without the pump and Im using an aqua lifter. I have the I/O cord for the apex, so I can just plug it right in . The aqualifter is on outlet #8.

The confusing part is finding the switch... When I plug the avast I/O in, I dont see it anywhere. Im going to the module set up and probe/ input set up and cant find it anywhere... Is it just switch 1 ? since thats the only switch I have ?

I tried to test it out using that...On the aqualifter code I put
Fallback OFF
If switch1 Closed then ON

It never shuts the pump off when water is inside the pressure sensor , so I dont think Ive done it right at all lol

any help would be greatly appreciated !

02/15/2014, 09:18 AM
According to directions it's correct.
Go to your web page dashboard view and find switch the switches. Add all of them to dashboard view. Without anything plugged in they should all read open. Remove the ato from sump so the tube isn't under any pressure. When you plug the ato cable in does the status of any change to closed?
They say it wired for switch one, but I've not used it before. Also try blowing in tube to see if you hear the switch click.

02/15/2014, 08:50 PM
I figured it out . Thanks for the reply ! .... User error lol

02/16/2014, 07:59 PM
Are you using the kit with the pressure switch or the float. Either way you may find down the road the code you are using is a little to simple and will cause your ATO to cycle to frequently. You may want to try the following code for your ATO

Fallback OFF
If Switch1 OPEN Then OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ON
Defer 001:00 Then ON

This will allow sudden surges to not activate the ATO right away, it will require a solid 1 minute of time to pass with the switch open prior to the aqualifter turning on. Good luck the ATO's are a great invention dont know what I did before mine.