View Full Version : Pump & Powerhead Recommendations

02/16/2014, 07:55 AM
Hi - I'm rebuilding my 90 which has a 20 gallon sump below - 6ft to pump up. I'm hoping for some recommendations on return pump and powerheads. I'm keeping softies and LPS, I may try SPS in the future.

For the return I have a cheap utility pump right now that's 950gph. I'm thinking of upgrading, but don't want to break the bank on this.

I'm more concerned on my powerheads as I just plugged in my old koralia and it's kind of loud. I bought a used wavemaster pro and want to hook up 3 powerheads to it. I also have a maxi jet and aquaclear, not sure how they sound or if they can be used intermittently. I'd like something quiet. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the Hydor Evolution pumps as the lower energy bill appeals to me, as well as the price. But I worry about the noise.