View Full Version : Can't get my Reef Octopus BH100F primed. Help?

02/17/2014, 09:21 PM
Hi all,

Through google searches I've seen a couple threads on here adressing the same issues but the don't seem to fix mine. I recently bought a new reef octopus BH100F but I can't seem to get the pump primed properly. I took a quick video to show what I mean:


I've tried everything I can think of and read, but no luck. Even tried siphon starting it but still no luck and no sure if I was doing it properly. Please be detailed with ideas because I'm pretty clueless.

Here's what the instructions say verbatim, bad grammar included:
"Pour in enough water into the skimmer,connect the air hose 1 to the Blue hard tube use the valve(be sure it is open),and Block air hose 2 completely by your hand.start the power. After seconds, Let the air hose 2 in the silence as soon as the pump works properly."


02/19/2014, 08:24 PM
Hey PEI, just watched your video. So the problem is that the water level in the chamber where the pump suction is, is dropping. This means that no water is being sucked through the u shaped pipe that gets water from the tank to the chamber. This means that the pump is not sucking hard enough, or that there is enough air entering the pipe such that a siphon can not be started.

The pump seems to be operating fine, so lets look at air getting in. First, check to make sure the fittings are tight. The fittings you should check are the ones where the pipe goes through the chamber wall. Next make sure that all of the places where the tubing connects to the u pipe are tight, and also all of the pieces that fit onto the "t" connector at the end of the blue line. After this, ensure the valve that fits into the t is completely closed. Fill up the chambers, plug the air line (line 2), and turn on the pump. Keep the air line plugged until you observe both the pump running and the level in the fist chamber remaining constant. This means that you have started the siphon. Now stop plugging line 2, and you should immediately see bubbles in the reaction chamber. The level in the first chamber should still be remaining constant, and if it is, then everything is working properly at this point.

If you want at this point, you can slowly open the valve on the 't' fitting to allow more air into the pumps venturi. Open it until you have the desired amount of air. (it may work out that you simply have to keep the valve closed at all times). This is because if too much air gets into the u pipe from the valve, that it will break the siphon and you will experience what happened in your video all over again. Keeping the valve open at all may also cause restart issues if you were to get a power failure. Either way, try the above and post your results. Good luck!


Ps, this is the diagram I used to see how things were working: http://www.aquacave.com/Reef-Octopus-BH-100F-Hang-on-Back-Protein-Skimmer-with-Filter-System-P960.aspx