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02/20/2014, 02:17 PM
Greetings All: I'm hoping someone can help me, as I think I blew up my light. I have an old "Coralife Aqualight Pro" with two 96 watt 50/50 bulbs, and 2 - 250Watt MH bulbs (Phoenix 14,000 HQI). Recently one of my ballast went out on my light - it has two. SInce my light is old I was unable to find a original replacement ballast. I bought 2 new "Lumatek" electronic ballast. After they arrived, I cut the end of the plug off the new ballst that is going to the actual light. The wiring consisted of a black, white, and a green wire. I then cut off the plug coming from the actual light, stripped off the wiring (black, white, green), and wired it to the ballast. After securing with wire nuts and tape I pluged the light backin. Hoping I did it correctly, the light bulb inside my fixture blew Immediately. This was a new "Phoenix - 250 Watt, 14,000K bulb. I'm a disabled vet, without alot of funds, and I live in a very small town, and don't have anyone to turn to for help. Can someone out there help me, possibly tell me how to wire this , and what I did wrong. Any assistance from you would be truly appreciated. Thank you - Rich

02/20/2014, 02:21 PM
Also I should have added - I bought the Lumatek Ballast that is the 400 watt, but is switchable from 250 Watt, 250 Watt SI, 400 Watt, and 450 Watt SI. Thank you

02/20/2014, 06:13 PM
The Coralife Aqualight Pro fixture has the lamp ignitors inside the light fixture. The lamp ignitors must be disconnected before using another ballast with this fixture. Most likely the lamp ignitor blew and not the lamp.

The lamp ignitor will have 3 terminals (B, Lp, N). The wires going to terminal B and Lp must be disconnected and then connected together. This bypasses the ignitor. The wire going to terminal N should be capped off and not used.

02/21/2014, 08:49 AM
Thank you so much for the reply. After rewiring I found out that I did blow the ignitor, the new ballast (lumatek) is ok!!!! But I also blew my new bulb in the process. I was wondering though, I read someplace that now the fan wont run??? I havent been able to get it all back together to find out yet (its hard, I'm wheelchair bound), as I noticed on the light itself the original cord coming into the light had a black, white and green. But once I opend the light, I noticed the colors going to the ignitor had changed, and I'm unable to see under the reflector to see why??? Obviously they are running something else off this power, but what? Do you happen to know? My light is the "Aqualight pro, with 2 - 250 watt MH, and 2 - actinic (96 watt) bulbs. On the top of the light it looks as if there are 3 fans. But I think that what I see as a fan above each MH fixture is just a vent, with only one main fan in the center that actually pulls air, I'm just not sure. As I thought I could rewire that fan alone, but I was nt sure if its even 120v. Thank you

02/21/2014, 02:10 PM
The wire connections are under the fluorescent lamp reflector. Once the reflector is removed you can see what wire goes where. The MH lamp cord is connected to the fans. The fans will require a different power source. Some people have connected the fan wires to the fluorescent lights in coming power or ran a separate power cord to the fans. Unfortunately replacing the supplied ballast with any other ballast can be a lot of work.