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03/07/2014, 09:52 PM
Well I am running 2 airwaterice RO/DI units, one is a typhoon III and the other is a compact typhoon III.

I have one in my master bathroom and the other in the kitchen. I needed to replace a membrane and shopped around. I found a membrane at a HUGE online marketplace that wants to use drones to dropship (NOT naming any names) that was around $8.00 cheaper. I thought what the heck. The membranes I was looking at were DOW Filmtec

Well I installed my new membrane and couldn't get it below 13TDS after 5 days and wasting LOTS of water. My city water is between 250-270 TDS depending on when you check it.

This was coming in around a 94% rejection, which will eat up DI. I believe for every 2% in TDS, you double your DI resin usage. So I got online and saw that they no longer sell this membrane and it's under review for quality issues (probably really old) but anyway I returned it and ordered one from airwaterice and got it today (2 days later) and within 30 minutes it was making 3 TDS water out of the RO side. I'm getting a 98.8% TDS rejection.

Very happy with this company and will always give them my business on product AND filters.

BTW I have always found their pre-filters best quality / best prices. When I was in this business in '06, you never heard about other RO/DI manufacturers and now there are a million. If you are looking for a great company, check these guys out. They also have a lifetime warranty on their products. I did have a filter housing cap crap from my purchase in 2006 this year actually. I emailed them and had a replacement free of charge in 2 days.