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03/11/2014, 07:41 PM

I have had the touch controller for about a week or so and there is a few things i cant get to work.

Level sensor settings:

- I have one level sensor set up as a regular top up. connected to the top up pump on plug 'H'. It works fine, but i cant seem to find a setting for letting it run for minimum time, lets say 1min before it shuts off.. to keep it from turning on and off a million times a day.
i did however try the 'time filter' (delay for start) set to 5min/30min to let it pause a bit before start and maybe run longer when on , but when rechecking the program after some hours the 'time filter' is back to 00:00:00 without doing anything...

in addition to the top up level float i would like to set up a second float switch higher in the sump as a backup if top up float fails (something keeping it from moving) with the command that it shuts off the top up pump.... i cant get this to work, the plug 'H' just go nuts and goes on and off when i simulate this.. guess because the backup float switch works on both low/high with commands to pump to turn on and off just like the top up switch..

I miss the X/Y program we had on the other control unit... then it was much easier to give it a command for a float switch in only one position.

- Temperature control.

Same meny as the level switch, but of course choose temp 'widget' and different plug with heater..

ref value : 25degrees celsius
High: 26 degrees
Low: 24degrees.
Condition: minor (on when low)

Have tried many different options, but it just wont work. since some of the words is in italian it doesnt really make it easier... Maybe i have misunderstood how to set it up, but have tried so many options i wonder if it cant be done...

- Remote access.

Still nothing, but hoping for a fix in SW 3.0 whenever it comes.....

I have alot of good experience with Aquatronica since it came on market, but i cant say im very impressed by the touch controller. Love the touchscreen, layout and the linux OS, but there is so many bugs its getting frustrating..

Alot of 'but's' here, but im hoping there is someone with experience on the controller on RC that can help me out, or maybe give me some good news about the 3.0 SW update... No response from Aquatronica....


03/11/2014, 11:25 PM
The way I got the level sensor program to work was to set the Program Timeout setting on the last setup page of programing to 30 seconds. This is a safety mechanism to ensure that when the float switch trips because the water is low it does not run longer than 30 seconds before it goes back to the normal setting and turns off. You don't have to set the Time Filter setting.

As for the temperature programming you have to create separate programs to turn your heater on when the low threshold is met and then another program to turn a fan on if the temperature is above the high threshold. For the heater program set the Time Filter to at least 2 minutes otherwise your plugs will be turning on and off all the time. Also I found that at least 0.2 degrees Isteresi (which is Italian for threshold or something like that) works the best. I attached a pic of my heater program to give you an idea. You should set the Program Timeout on the next page to 0.

It doesn't work the same as the legacy controller programming with a high and low setting where you can control the plugs separately for the high or low setting. It was very confusing at first to setup since it is different from the original controller.

Your not alone on not getting answers from Aquatronica. I have sent countless emails to them and sometimes I will get a reply from Massimo or Melissa. There never is a solution to any issue and can't commit to when the new release of software which hopefully will fix some of the major bugs like losing the date and time and programs in the event of a power failure. As well as providing the remote programing and monitoring capability which is the real reason I purchased the touch controller in the first place.

I'm overall not really impressed with Aquatronica's lack of customer or service support with the launch of the Touch Controller. But the fact that the Touch Controller is built on a Linux OS platform and has many expansion ports like SD, USB and some internal connectors on the hardware, it has endless possibilities and potential IF AQ could just get there act together.

If you have any questions on the programming let me know.

03/13/2014, 06:07 PM
Thanks Nick,

Got it sorted out now. still bugs here and there.. So just have to wait for the next SW update that will hopefully sort things out.


03/24/2014, 11:11 PM
Today i wanted to disconnect my temperature sensor to give room for another levelsensor. When i disconnect the temp sensor there is a red cross showing in the temperature 'widget', but no options to delete it.
i Then connected the levelsensor in same slot where the temp sensor was, but the computer see the levelsensor as a temp sensor.. levelsensor when low showed 0.1 degrees and 0.2 degrees when high.

Another bug to put on the list? seems it does not recognize the levelsensor if put in same slot where temp sensor has been....

Any ideas?

10/02/2014, 11:46 AM
Hello Robinson
please let me know if you solved your problem already. if you have any concerns please post here or contact me or massimo personally
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you can also msg or contact aquatronica srl here and you will get a prompt reply.
thanks for your business and support