View Full Version : Problems with K1 Stirrer

03/16/2014, 05:27 AM
I just ordered a K1 Stirrer by Avast Marine, the product definitely looks great.

Hooking it up was effortless, but after working for 1 full day it simply stopped working - if I plug the cord in the motor will not turn. There is no obstruction of any kind and there were none before that. So I'm definitely puzzled here. :eek1:

On a side note, one minor problem I have experienced with this product was that the screw that holds the stirring rod protrudes slightly even when fully screwed in, so that when the stirrer turns it would rub against the PVC pipe. I had to re-position the lid every time I opened it to move it 1/8'' so that it won't rub.

I hope to have this issue resolved soon.