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04/17/2014, 05:48 PM
When it comes to responsible reef keeping I believe Brightwell Aquatics has set it to a new low and I think a a lot of people in the hobby will attest to this. With the batches of salt that may contain heavy metals that they did not send out any recall for. I personally have a 420 gallon sps tank that I as you can imagine have a ton of money into as some of you know and there are many others who have had the same problem. The responsible part would be announcing a recall which did not happen. Now many of us are left with lots of coral skeletons to use as fuel in our calcium reactors. here is a copy of the thread on MI Reefers hope this helps out others
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I had the same batch number my tank was stning slowly over a couple of months contacted them cause it was mixing cloudy and had tons of sediment they replaced the buckets but never told me about Heavy metal contamination, and said it was just cloudy but safe. I have since switched to Tropic Marin Pro it is close in dKH. Is it me or should these places have some kind of recall notice to the customers when the find a suspect batch???? I lost a lot of my chalices during this time and had to frag most of my large colonies of SPS if they didn't die. Also had to decline some other offers for photography on a web site due to this.
[email protected]#es me off.... My best of wishes on the recovery


Did you recover? How long did it last?

Yeah. for the record he didn't come out and say that it had heavy metals but did stop short of saying the Mg was mined and that there were impieties in the mining process. I asked him point blank does it have heavy metals and he said he didn't know. Then I asked should I assume that it does and he said yes.

His closing remarks are to take back-up frags of everything and set up another system.

Now what upsets me, If this is a known issue why was it not decompose to the vendor where they can contact the customer.
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I buy my salt in bulk like you and by the time I realized it and contacted them they told me the salt was fine just mixed cloudy and replaced my last bucket. Losses of mass yes I have piles of skeletons thinking oh I use the high end salt it couldn't be that.. Recovery just depends on what you call recovery you cant recover a dead SPS colony you put years growing not to mention all the money in care. So I tried everything else then finally switched to Tropic Marin Pro. Seeing your post today could not have upset me more knowing the time and energy we put into our pets. In my opinion Reef salt should be treated as dog food or any other animal care product especially coming from a top end supplier. It would be like feeding your $20000 dog Eukenuba dog food to have it die and find out later the horse meat was tainted with Cyanide... Recalls should be Manditory, obvious they do not test each batch for chemical makeup and quality when they wait for the customer to react to the problems... Yes my tank is bouncing back very slowly after months since I contacted you to decline your proposal.


I had the same problem with neomarine I bought from Fosters and Smith a couple months ago, but I noticed it immediately and dumped out the water. They gave me a refund and I switched to salinity for the time being. Really ***** bad Tom. Sorry man. I think I mentioned it to you when I was over last time.
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