View Full Version : New Frag Rack from BioTek Marine

05/06/2014, 01:03 PM
The BioTek Marine 2' x 2' Frag Rack kit is a 2 feet x 2 feet across black frag rack. Made from black polystyrene egg crate, the BioTek Marine Frag Rack features furniture grade PVC legs and fittings. Easily zip ties together in a matter of a minute or two. No gluing necessary. For smaller applications it's easy to cut the egg crate and PVC pipe. Don't forget to always wear eye protection when working with tools.


1 x sheet of 2' x 2' Egg Crate
4 x furniture grade black PVC 3 Way Fittings
4 x furniture grade black PVC foundation supports
4 x furniture grade black PVC legs (2 x 21 1/2" pieces that you can cut to length)
4 x black zip ties

See blog for more information!