View Full Version : Vivid Aquariums A+

05/07/2014, 09:23 AM
I recieved my first live fish purchase through the mail yesterday morning and everything was alive and well.

I was nervous of the enitre process, so I tested the waters with some more snails (15), a starfish and 2 cleaner shrimp.

They called me to set up a delivery date when they had everything in stock (3 days after order) that would work for my schedule. Everything went without a hitch. I would highly recommend them for mail ordering aquarium live stock.


05/08/2014, 11:38 AM
I placed my first order days before a snow storm, un knowing of the weather. They personally called me to see if i wanted to wait for the storm and cold spell to be over, which pushed it off 3 days, but gave the live stock a much better survival rate. Since your close to me actually, you know how this winter has been!! 100% arived alive and well. Very happy with my order with them.