View Full Version : Lighting questions.

Dan Robbins
05/28/2014, 11:05 AM
I have kept fish for years and years and successfully kept some really beautiful freshwater plants, this is my first time going into reef so want to ensure that I have not been misguided in regard to lighting.
I want to know how you guys determine how much light, and what light that should be used. I should probably mention that I just intend on keeping some softies, nothing too light demanding.
I will be setting up a nano, maybe about 15" cube. I know a lot people use the wpg rule of thumb, but what does this refer to? Compact fluorescent bulbs may have the same output as a T5 that is twice, trice as energy hungry.
This brings me to another point, why are there very few CFB designed for reef aquariums? Surely these would be ideal for small, shallow nanos? Why would a CFB with a correct colour temp not be used instead of a similar t5 that is going to be 3x pricier to run? What have I missed?
Also, why are marine LED lights so expensive? What is the difference between a LED light made by TMC and something like this?
Thanks in advance! Dan