View Full Version : Cook islands

06/08/2014, 06:53 PM
Anybody been there? Wife and I are planning our anniversary babymoon getaway for September. She picked the last vacation to London so now is my turn. My last choice was Fiji for the honeymoon and was awesome.

06/13/2014, 11:45 PM
I went there in 2003 but only Rarotonga (retrospectively, should have gone to Aitutaki as well). Beautiful scenery but reefs and diving are so so. No large resort chains as there is some law that prevents anyone but locals from owning land. Not too much to do around the island to keep you busy if you are not on the beach or in the water. Wish we had just stayed on the plane and visited New Zealand instead.

06/14/2014, 01:18 PM
Sounds cool Anna :)

06/16/2014, 04:33 PM
Any of the countries in the Pacific Islands are nice :)