View Full Version : Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix LEDs Now In Stock

06/12/2014, 11:45 AM
Our first shipment of the Hydra TwentySix Modules has arrived. All preorders will be shipping out this afternoon.

Read more about the newest addition to the Aqua Illumination family here:

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06/20/2014, 06:40 AM
Hydra TwentySix vs. regular Hydra:

The Hydra TwentySix has 26 LEDs and has has more output/PAR than 20 LEDs at the same wattage.

The LEDs on the Hydra TwentySix are arranged in a tighter cluster, reducing shadowing in the aquarium (disco ball effect)

The 2 LED clusters are further apart on the TwentySix and they offer about the same spread a the Hydra but in a smaller footprint.

Good things come in small packages! What is not to love about more output over the same area in a smaller package at the same price?