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06/24/2014, 07:58 AM
Hi Spectrapure
I'm looking for ro/di system that can be directly plumb to my ATO with a float valve. What's the best setup ?

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06/24/2014, 11:13 AM
ANY ro/di system can be plumbed directly to a sump with a float valve. However, we do not recommend that due to excessive TDS creep, which happens with multiple and frequent small doses due to the "hair-trigger" of a simple float valve.

A much better plan is to completely fill a reservoir once and then use the water out of it until the reservoir is about half-empty.

Please see this thread for more information:


If you absolutely can not make room for a reservoir (and you need at least one for new saltwater) then using our LLC-S-115 Single Tank Liquid Level Control or the more flexible LLC-M-115 Multiple Tank Liquid Level Control connected to an ro/di system are acceptable alternatives. See them here:



The LLC-S connects an ro/di system DIRECTLY to the sump with enough level differential to only need to be operated at most once-per-day, while the LLC-M does that AND adds the ability to keep a reservoir filled for fresh saltwater.

A good combination might be to get one of our "-MF" systems (CSPDI


or MaxCap RO/DI


) that come with a float valve you can use for the reservoir and then add the LLC-S for the sump.

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