View Full Version : Snails and Cohorts?

07/04/2014, 12:51 AM

I just noticed more than a few white spots all over my macro algae in the sump. My daughter and I took a sample and were able to obtain these photos from the microscope.

The first - IMG_1764.jpg - is a small glob.

The next three are from one area. The first of the three appears to be a snail/barnicle? but I am not sure and would like to know. There is a point of interest at the bottom of the shell - a small circle.

The next two photos - 1772 and 1775 - are higher magnification of the small circle above. The last photo - 1775 - has a bright red spot which is part of the organism and I hope is a slam dunk in identification.

Any help identifying would be super cool.