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07/06/2014, 10:06 AM

In stock
Black tang
Blue tang
vlamingi tangs
naso tangs
kole tangs
powder blue tangs
Gold heart trigger
Clown trigger
Queen Trigger
Picasso trigger
Bursa trigger
Rectangulatus trigger
Blue throat trigger
Niger Triggers
Pink Tail trigger
Half moon trigger
Scribbled Angelfish
Personifer Anglefish
Emperor Angels
Queen Blue, Black, and French Anglefish
sappo puffer
golden puffer
meleagris puffer
sapo puffer
valentine puffer
orange tail puffer
raccoon puffer
dalmation puffer
dogface puffer
stars and stripes puffers
striped puffers
cleaner wrasse
many many many more too many to list

show red table acropora
cultured pink lithophyton
cultured fluorescent green Australian leathers
branch and wall fluorescent green and orange hammer corals
frogspawn and torch corals
short and long tentacle plate corals
cultured duncans
cultured xenia
cultured galaxia corals
orange yellow and black tubastrea
mushrooms amazing colorful selection
many many more corals

cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp
arrow crabs
green mythrax crabs
astrea snails
Mexican turbo snails
trochus snails
red leg, blue leg and zebra hermit crabs
many species of caulerpa available
live, refrigerated and frozen copepods
live phytoplankton
green water cultures
DT's phytoplankton
live and frozen rotifers

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