View Full Version : Help with Reef Radiance Lumentek 240 settings

07/18/2014, 11:08 AM

I am hoping someone on these forums has a new Lumentek 240 from reef radiance. I have had 0 success in contacting support from the vendor.

My problem is the lights do not respond to the custom settings i set. When i first got the light the defaults where set for sunny, cloudy, moon...I proceeded to setup the custom ramp and channel settings. The next morning the lights were not on when set to the custom setting. I pushed the custom button on the remote and the lights came on. I thought perhaps there was something wrong so I selected the reset option, which set all the defaults back to 0. I set the time, date, then proceeded to set up the custom channel and ramp. Ramp set to 30, turn on time set, schedule set. Come next morning and the lights are off and it is past the time I set for them to come on. When i clicked the custom button the lights come on. I'll sit there and wait 30 minutes for the next channel but it never ramps up or down. I've emailed, left voice messages, but have not received a response for this problem. I had sent an email asking what the recommended height to hang the lights was and received a response the next day, so it really seems to me that who ever is reading emails is selective on what should be replied to.

My hope is these lights are not broken and i wont have to send them back, so i am asking if anyone has the new 240 with 3 channels if your lights actually work and ramp up and down and turn on and off according to your custom settings.

and here is some back ground info; from the start i received very prompt responses when i began my light search. I placed my order on May 15th. which included the 240 plus the fuge light. I received my 240 on July 8th. 7 weeks to receive my light, and it wasn't the complete order. I never received a tracking number. after the light was received communication stopped. Here i am now and my emails, voice message are being ignored. I really hope i didn't get screwed.

07/18/2014, 03:37 PM
finally received a call and email. they are sending me a new controller.

07/18/2014, 04:21 PM
I'm in a similar situation as far as great communications while searching and then it's like pulling teeth.

07/18/2014, 05:08 PM
Just keep at it. Use their site and send in a support email. I think that is what finally did it for me. Maybe there is a waiting queue, but it is definitely inconsistent when emails are answered right away for info, but support is longer.