View Full Version : Flow rate for CS1 and sump turn around question

08/02/2014, 09:15 PM
My CS1 Skimmer is fed by a MJ1200(300 GPH)
Does that mean I can only process 300GPH and I should keep the flow rate through the sump around 300-400GPH?

I am having a new tank built. 80x20x20. (around 135 Gallons) I am trying to decide on the size of plumbing to put in the overflow.
1 inch full siphon will give me 1443.61 GPH should I really need to go to 1.5 inches as most people seem to do for a larger tank?
1.5 gives 3248.13 at full siphon at 18" head height... that seems a ridiculous amount of flow.

I am currently using an ehiem 1262 ( 898 GPH ) with 1 inch full siphon on a 60(ish)Gallon tank. I close the line to match the pump and I divert some water to my fuge.

Something tells me that 1 inch lines will be sufficient but I want to check my thinking. I would like to keep the 1 inch for a lower profile overflow box.

Thoughts please?