View Full Version : Brown Polyp Identification Help Please

08/14/2014, 11:37 AM
I bought a piece of Green Star Polyp about 8 months ago and I thought that the mystery brown polyps were the GSP that were spreading. I realised that I had gotten another coral with the GSP that is spreading much faster!

I heard that sometimes the color of the GSP change to brown but then I realised that the way it was growing was totally different. Also the brown polyps are growing at an amazing pace and i had to painstakingly pull off tendrils of the stuff that was growing onto other pieces of live rock.

The mystery brown polyps grow like a vine as you can see from the pic and are about half the size of the GSP. It almost reminds me of clove coral but I still need some help in identifying it. You can see near the bottom left of the pic how the coral extends its rhizome-like base to reach other surfaces.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!