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08/29/2014, 09:16 AM
Well I've had a 40g laying around for a few months after my O. Scyllarus died during a bad molt. After exploring options I am considering getting a pair of S. Bandensis since I think the setup would work fairly well. For my dedicated species tanks I've transitioned to mostly running off turf scrubbers for filtration and currently the tank can handle an adult peacock fairly easy without requiring water changes to deal with nitrate issues. I've been researching S. Bandensis and know the diet but haven't really seen much on quantity they will eat. Due to the nature of turf scrubbers sizing appropriately is fairly important. How much should I be expecting to feed per adult? Also I've done some googling and didn't get anything solidly are they effected by fish diseases or is ich,velvet, ect going to not be an issue since they aren't fish?

08/30/2014, 09:53 AM
I can speak of my juveniles, that I have been raising from egg for the past 3 months. After they hatched, they were fed twice a day. I collect shoreline invertebrates to feed them. Started off on larger copepods/isopods. They are currently eating small/medium crabs. As they have gotten bigger, they seem to like to eat the crabs once a day at least 2 per cuttlefish. I am of course seeing how it goes. But I expect to be keeping that up for quite a while.

They eat a lot.

The nice thing with cuttlefish in comparison to the octopus I have kept in the past, they don't eat the clean up crew. Makes it a lot easier to keep the tank clean.

If you would like to get the opinion of long time keepers of Sepia bandensis, I would recommend hopping over to Tonmo.com.

02/04/2015, 12:37 PM
Yes, tonmo has a lot of info. There is a thread on there that has a breakdown of food costs per Dwarf Cuttle.