View Full Version : Radium 250 on 25g

09/02/2014, 07:10 PM
I've got a simple 25g tank (24 x 18 x 18), it's got a skimmer and filter setup with good flow via powerheads.

I want to turn it into a nice mini SPS tank and am considering putting Radium 250 on it. So couple of questions:

1. Is Radium 250w appropriate for it and would I run into any heat problems? I plan to have it at least 12'' off the surface maybe 14''.

2. Is there such a big difference between Lumatek 250w in HQI setting and an M80 ballast? M80 ballasts are not easily purchased in Canada. All I'm trying to achieve is that crisp white colour with just a hint of blue.

09/02/2014, 08:27 PM
It is abut over kill, but I once had a 250 watt Phoenix over a 29. Hard to know if you will have heat issues or not, mine was in a cool basement and had no issues. You can run the Lumatek but no way for anyone to know if you will like the color or not. The Radium on M80 to my eye is not overly blue but not as white as a good 10k. Over a 25 I would go with a 150 Radium, it is more than enough power and is more white than the 250 is.

09/02/2014, 08:56 PM
I ran a 250 watt phoenix 14K over a 25 cube with the Luma new ballast. I didn't have any heat issues. My temp never fluctuated more than 1 degree at the most, and I didn't use any fans. The light was about 8-10" above the water.