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09/04/2014, 01:08 PM
Hey guys, I'm aware there are many posts all over the web about this but just thought I'd run a thread specific to me and see what help I could get.so....got my vision 450 in dark wood the other day and just starting the slow process of deciding of how to set it up my ideal budget would be around 500 although I could take longer to do things and spend a little more.

First things first, I'm undecided if I'm going sump it yet, I'd like to use the in built filter either way to run carbon/ juwel cirax + phorax and some general mechanical filtering, + previous experience with juwels I like the way the flow goes direct over the heater in the unit. The aesthetics of the boz doesn't really bother me so its not an issue leaving it there to do what it was desiged for at the end of the day. If I do go ahead with a sump I'm not going be chopping any of the stand up, I'll simply add some supports (some bracing) to replace the MDF support then use these removed boards as a front cover to cover the sump. I will also not be drilling my tank so this brings me to the first equipment question, any good reccommendations of overflow boxes? I've seen one on other threads, the "lifereef" but can't find a UK vendor for it . If I do end up sumping what sort of volume tank would people reccommend? Alongside media and return pumps?

Secondly which protein skimmer do people think? After lots of reading I'm swaying towards a bubble magnus c6, seen lots of good reviews. Being juwel I have obviously looked into the skimmer 3.0 they do but have heard very mixed reviews regarding this, thoughts? I've also looked at the TMC V2skim 600...again mixed reviews.

Time for a big one, lighting! The unit has come with the juwel hi lite T5. This is 4 t5 tubes of 54w each. The question is do I keep this setup or change it? The option at the moment is either keep it and swap the standard day tubes for 2 x marine and 2 x actinics along with 4x reflectors. Other options are obviously a luminaire or LEDs any ideas on this? Probably should have mentioned earlier I would be looking to keep SPS along obviously fish..

Any other tips or recommended equipment is all welcomed and I'm open to suggestions.

As the tank takes shape I'll be adding a photo update of what's going on so others can see the progress :)

09/05/2014, 03:01 AM
Anybody able to offer any advice?

09/05/2014, 01:39 PM
So no replies yet but I see this has been viewed a few times now so I'll update with what I have...

I have decided to sump the tank. Been to a local hardware store today and bought some 34mm x 34mm to begin making a bracing frame to replace both the middle support MDF boards.

I decided to use the existing holes that are ore drilled to fis my frame to just to avoid doing anything destructive to the stand.

I simply made a rectangular brace with triangular reinforcing supports which have attached to the front and back. I left the back board in place for this. After constructing the frames I removed the inner upright supports and proceeded to replace them with the braces by moving them effectively through 90 degrees and as mentioned secured them using the existing holes. ( see pictures)

This has left me enough room for a 3ft x 1ft sump (height to be decided) I will either get this custom made or try to find a cheap second hand tank of this size.

I've been to my LFS with a list of items such as replacement bulbs (2 x marine and 2x actinics) aswell as relfectors, bubble magnus c6 skimmer and any other items he would recommend for the tank on a price match basis from the internet. Will see where this will get me tomorrow. Until then that's all the updates I have .

I am still hoping for replies from guys on the forums regarding their thoughts and reccommendations.

Also if anybody has any questions on what I've done so far I'd be happy to answer as best I can.

Pictures to follow once I can get them on

Until the next update.

09/05/2014, 01:45 PM
Couple of pictures, tank when recievd and setup.


Tank when middle supports removed and braces added.290019

09/05/2014, 05:18 PM
I have a Jewel Rio 400 and it has went through some changes in the last 5 years. First freshwater with cichlids and original filtration. I removed the internal filter for more space and upgraded to 2 JBL Cristal Profi 1501's, one one each side of the stand, with one 8w UV-C. I then went to a reef and used a Fluval FX-5, TOMS rapid pro 3, and a Turbo twist UV. Made a canopy and used ecoxotic LED stunner stips and retro. I had to cut the top brace on the tank to fit the overflow. This worked okay but i still wasn't happy so I revamped the entire thing. Only thing thats left now is the tank. Got rid of the stand because I wanted a sump, stand was falling apart anyway. Drilled the back of the tank for 2 overflows and 2 returns, built a new stand and canopy which holds a trigger systems ruby36E sump, Diablo XS225 skimmer, GFO/Carbon reactor, BM Doser with Mag, Cal, & Alk dosing containers, 5g ATO, 2 MP40s, Speedwave 2460 DC pump, Apex, and 2 Radion Pros G2, was upset with the radions because the G3 Pros came out 6 months after I got them. Now me and my wife are happy. She's so happy that she wants me to start another tank for either seahorses or aggresive FOWLR, she misses the lion fish we had. Hope this helps. check out my thread.

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09/06/2014, 02:50 AM
Looks like a really nice system there mate. Thanks for the reply also, nice to see somebody else who's done something not to dissimilar to what im starting out on. I do have a few more pics to put on about progress but it won't let me upload them at the moment. Going to be heading into the LFS today to talk about some prices and hopefully I can get a good deal.

The one thing I'm still undecided about it the lighting situation. The standard 4 x t5's only output 216w for a 450ltr tank, another option is to get the reflectors which claim to double the output although I am skeptical at this so I'm not sure what to do, juwel claim their research proves the 216w is enough light for an reef system although I thought the recommended was 1w per ltr? Again with this I'll see what my LFS says today, been using them for 10+ years now so I know the guys and know they wont try to just take my money.