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09/23/2014, 06:47 PM
My wife is amazing and surprised me with this for my bday yesterday!

What is the best way to use it diving/snorkeling? Pole? Wrist? Head?

I worry about carrying it on a pole- what if I need my hands??


09/25/2014, 08:15 AM
My girlfriend is amazing too, on our anniversary this month she bought me the Silver edition . I was going crazy haha

One of the best gifts a wife/gf could give :thumbsup:
I went to divers direct and got the UKPro pole. They have different types but it's made out of marine grade stainless steel. It's also light weight and has a strap that can be tightened around your wrist. Bascially great for diving. You can let it go and just hang it on your wrist if you need your hands. The pole I purchased is 22inches so it's a nice length to do many types of shots but not overly long.
I didn't get the extending version because it was just a little bulky for my taste with all the adjustments, I like the clean straight look of the non extending poles.
I haven't used the headstrap under water but used it on a skiing trip when I borrowed my friend's go pro.
It's great! I loved it and it doesn't fall even though I wiped out a couple times in the terrain areas.

09/25/2014, 10:14 AM
I'm taking my first dive with my GoPro in a couple weeks. I'm going to copying what I've watched others do with theirs.

Camera will be mounted on a 13" pole, and the pole will be attached to a retractor on my BC. That way I can drop it if i need my hands and don't worry about losing it.:dance:

09/25/2014, 01:37 PM
I like this idea. Retractor.... More than just clipped to the bc?

09/25/2014, 04:31 PM
I use an Ultralight tray+handle combo, attached via retractor to my BC. I've tried the pole, but it's just too cumbersome to use during a dive. Even when attached to a retractor, it dangles too much and risks damaging the reef. The tray+handle is compact and can be kept close to my body when not in use.

09/26/2014, 11:42 AM
I had one on my first dive ever (just 1.5 moths ago in Barbados) but the instructor used it to take all the video since it was a discovery dive and I am not certified, I had a floaty handle on it and a tether but he just used the camera in the dive case alone. I did have a red filter on it for color correction below 10 feet and the video is amazing. I was snorkeling with sea turtles the day before using the float handle and it worked great. the red diving lens is a must for tropical water. there is a magenta lens for green water as well.

10/02/2014, 01:00 PM
I just use a short cord and wrap it around my wrist then use my gloves velcro strap to keep it from slipping off my wrist.

You do need a filter for anything deeper than 10-15 feet but be careful if anyone uses a flashlight it will wash everything out in cyan.

I use a UR Pro clip on cyan filter for my gopro.

Film in a mode that gets you at least 60fps and a wide angle. Time goes by fast so if you really want to get good footage take 2-3x filming it than you think you are. Often I film something and when reviewing it the subject is only in the camera frame for a second even though it felt like 30 when filming.

Don't focus too much on the camera, just have it ready to go if you see something you want.

Test the housing without the camera. Go on your first dive without the camera in the housing.

10/14/2014, 09:11 PM
I use this one for video.http://www.shootingunderwater.com/video-lights-and-video-packages/nocturnal-lights-dual-m700i-video-lights-mounted-on-goodman-handle-with-centered-1-4-20-mount-gopro-adapter.html

Two flood lights work awesome for night dives. For still pics I use a lanyard around my wrist and just shoot free-hand. Use the flood light on close ups. Use a flip filter [red] for landscapes anything 10 feet or deeper. I haven't had enough practice yet with the macro lens adaptor.
If you want I can post some examples for you?
It definitely takes practice to point the camera in the right direction since you don't have a viewscreen.

Daniel. :wavehand:

10/28/2014, 08:41 PM
This is the one I used recently. I had it hooked to a retractor and it fit in the left pocket of my BC till I got in the water. Can just let it go on the retractor if you need hands free quickly or stick it back in the pocket if you have more time or need it more secure.