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09/27/2014, 08:08 AM
I assume you set the Storm system to only refill your ATO reservoir to a certain amount? When I setup my new genesis system I won't have access to a sink drain to dump RO/DI waste water into and will be dumping it into a waste tank. I need to be able to control how much & how often RO/DI is generated to control the amount of waste water created so I don't overflow the waste tank ... thx

09/27/2014, 09:06 AM
Good morning,

It actually should be even easier than that... The STORM™ Pro does have a sensor that will stop the production of water through your RO system at a specified water height in your top off bin. If you're using your STORM™ solely to refill your mixing bin (not for top off) then you can place the Failsafe sensor at the maximum water height in your mixing and the STORM™ will stop producing water when that level is reached.

However, if you intend to use your STORM™ for top off duties and automatic refilling of your top off bin then there is another method that accomplishes exactly what you want as well. Since you know you have a certain waste receptacle you wish to use, I would use an identical container as your mixing bin, or a bit smaller if you wish. I would install a mechanical float valve on this mixing bin at the maximum water level. The RENEW™ will automatically stop water exchanges when the water in the mixing bin is consumed, and therefore there is no possibility of overflowing your waste receptacle (unless you forget to empty it at the end of the water change before starting a new water change).

The advantage of this second method is that you can continue to use your STORM™ for all of your top off duties and automatic refilling of your top off bin. You can also use it to manually refill your mixing bin as needed. To do this, simply tee the output of your RODI unit and run lines to both your top off bin and mixing bin. Install 1/4-turn flow control valves on each of these lines, and my recommendation is to always use a mechanical float valve to terminate the lines at your mixing bin and top off bin. When you need to refill your mixing bin, open the valve to the mixing bin and close the valve to your top off bin, then turn the Auxiliary mode of the STORM™ to "ON" to start producing water. The mixing bin will fill up to the mechanical float valve, which will then close and turn off your RODI unit using the RODI unit's automatic shut off valve. The next time you walk by and notice that the mixing bin is full, simply close the valve to your mixing bin, open the valve to your top off bin, and set the Auxiliary mode to "ROCv™" so that the STORM™ will resume monitoring of the top off bin and automatically refill it as necessary.

I hope this answers your question fully.

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09/27/2014, 10:46 AM
Cool. I'll need to reread this to fully digest how to do it but I think it will do everything want.

I thought I'd have to manually move water from my RO/DI storage tank to my seawater mixing tank like I do now but ths should be a much more eloquent solution and doing ATO at the same time.

One of the other things I currently do every week is manually fill a 10g acrylic tank located in the dry section of my pennusulia cabinet with RO/DI which works as my ATO and I wanted to be able to get away from manually filling that tank every week when I was doing water changes ...