View Full Version : LF Tank Raised Critters, Frags, Fish, etc..

09/28/2014, 07:00 PM
Looking to round out my fauna with things that reproduce in our tanks before winter sets in. The tiny striped snails that only come out at night, pod swarms in chaeto(or not), mini brittle stars, other snails, sponges, etc.

Also looking for frags(blue sympodium, millies, or acans especially), corals or fish for 40g or a maybe a cube.

Will drive up to an hour or so from 61822 and have an acan or two to trade, pink and brown palys, dry marco rock and rubble probably needing phosphate sponge cooked, geo calcium reactor, diy kalk reactor to trade. Have cash otherwise and available weekends to travel.

Also looking for a old style maxi 1200 impeller if anyone randomly has one.


09/29/2014, 04:25 PM
Adding to the trade list a rock with 15 or so frilly green/brown shrooms with yellow mouths (look like ricordeas) who keep stretching out to 2x what I've normally seen them go, to attack a neighboring blastomussa.

The pink and brown paly rock has neat black sponges and a single aip in a hole that the peppermint cant reach.