View Full Version : Quick question on TDS and DI cartridge replacement

09/29/2014, 02:49 PM
So, I have been operating my MaxCap 90gpd since June making about 60 gal of finished product a month. I have a well and TDS readings of ~ 160's going in. My TDS has always been 0-4 coming out on first meter and then 0 both going in and coming out on second meter.

I accidentally left the unit running overnight (:headwally:) last week ( ran about 14 hours "extra") and when I hooked it up today noticed TDS coming in to second meter was 3 as was reading of water coming out as well.

First question: I have a booster pump due to low pressures, so I am not sure if I should expect to see a pressure drop to let me know that sediment filter needs replaced - or will pump mask the drop?

Second question: It looks like I need to replace both DI cartridges, but does the elevated TDS coming into the second stage indicate the RO membrane is not working well either..?

Am a little confused...thanks for the help!