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10/15/2014, 06:35 AM
Is there a big difference between the ultra high effiiciency and the max cap with added booster pump.

Having a ro/di for years I am mostly happy with it, however it only produces about 50 gals a day and goes through quite a bit of di as I often change 200 gallons a month. Also keeping a reef tank for over 15 years and having various ro machines I can easily understand the benefit of a great ro system.

It is also very exciting to see you have developed a treatment to increase membrane rejection to 99 precent. My tap has about 600 tds.

I have a well so I am not super concerned with water conservation.

I AM MOST CONCERNED WITH DI USAGE AND END WATER QUALITY PRIOR TO ENTERING THE DI CHAMBERS and maintance time of the unit, set it and forget it would be ideal.

Does the ultra high effiiencey unit produce more pure water prior to the di than the max cap with a added booster pump, does it also have the 99 precent rejection membrane?

Also would like to look further into sparging. I you have a link it would be helpful. And where to purchase co2 to test my water.

10/15/2014, 12:09 PM
Since you have a well, the first culprit to consider is CO2. We have a CO2 Test Kit that tests the RO water (it's free of tap water contaminates and still has the CO2).


If CO2 is significant or excessive (a ppm of CO2 is just like a ppm of TDS to the DI), then sparging is called for. PM us and we'll send you a diagram.

The UHE reduces the waste water ratio (but not 1:1 with your 600ppm hard water) and has a pure-water flush system. Both systems use the 99% membrane and have the same 2-stage DI.

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10/15/2014, 01:24 PM
With co2 test I assume you would just test tap water, or should I check it after ro membrane. Sorry do not know what a pure water flush system is, can you clarify. Or just give a little advice on which model I should to be most carefree and give the best water.

10/16/2014, 10:09 AM
Our Test Kit tests the RO water because it is free of tap water contaminates and still has the CO2 because it and all gasses pass right through the membrane.

Pure water flush takes pure water from the reservoir and washes the membrane with it. It works better than a tap water flush.

If you don't care about wasting water, then the UHE would not benefit you. If you want the most carefree and simplest system, get the MaxCap Manual Flush system.

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