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10/20/2014, 02:21 PM
I recently purchased a swabbie from avast with the lid. Seems like a great product!

It made the skimmer a tiny bit taller than i expected and it just touches the top of my stand when its on the skimmer. It also kind of touches one of the joists because it sticks out the side a bit. This all made it really difficult to get the cup out should i ever need to.

No, problem! I'll just modify my existing lid! I made the holes and tapped them and drilled the big hole for the shaft put it all back together. It lowered the top of the skimmer just enough so i can get the cup out! (which i'll barely ever have to do again anyway thank you very much)

The biggest drill bit that i have is 1/2" so i it used to drill the big hole in the center. The fit around the shaft isn't really snug but it is much tighter than the hole in the lid you guys supplied. No space between the shaft and the side of the hole. It still seems to spin at the same speed and it wasn't hard to get in.

Is this alright or should make the hole bigger? Thanks again!

Avast Marine
10/24/2014, 11:14 AM
9/16" is the suggested hole size. You can probably ream the 1/2" hole out a little with your current bit and be alright though. The shaft size is .52"

If you already have it installed though, I wouldn't sweat it too much, the shaft is made from Delrin and will wear down a little where it rubs on the acrylic but it shouldn't harm the motor.