View Full Version : in the market for a new skimmer.

10/22/2014, 04:05 PM
Ok currently i am running a BM NAC9 on a DT 180 Sump 55 and 20gal refug. But lately doesnt seem to be doing the job, i currently have all LPS corals PO4 is 0 nitrate 0 etc. I was thinking about it and it doesnt seem like she is skimming anymore. I currently have roughly 16 fiwh raging in size from 3" to 10", over 300lbs of LR. What is a good skimmer out there? Please keep in mind eventually i want to upgrade to a 300 gal tank.

10/22/2014, 05:03 PM
ATB 840 V2 or ATB 1050A would be excellent choice for the money. There are some Aquamaxx skimmers in a little bit lower price range that would be excellent also, but ATB will be hard to beat IMO. And yes, I have a Bubble King for my new build, but I "stole" it. I currently have Aquamaxx (JNS) on my 120 and it is pretty awesome.