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Itchy Trigger
10/24/2014, 09:13 AM
Just wanted to share a very positive review of my experience with Scott and Michael of Aquarium Specialty. I'm a long-time user of Red Dragon pumps, both in freshwater and now marine setups. Great pumps, but as anyone who has used them for long enough knows, it's not easy to find replacement parts in the US.

Back in the spring I needed a new rotor for one of my pumps, and Scott was able to get it for me in a relatively short amount of time (considering the part had to be shipped from Germany). Then, a few months ago, I needed some replacement unions for my Red Dragon 10m3 pump. So I called Scott, put in the order and prepared myself for a bit of a wait. And this time I did have to wait... But the fault was not Aquarium Specialty's; it had to do with Royal Exclusiv in Germany... So I called Scott up and asked if we might be able to find a solution that would allow me to get my parts sooner. I have been waiting to get my 330g FOWLR running and these connection parts were the only thing holding me up. Scott went into his warehouse and found another Royal Exclusiv pump that uses the same size fittings as mine, removed them from that pump and sent those to me. This certainly isn't their normal practice, but because I'd had to wait awhile, he went the extra mile for me. Michael even made a special run to UPS and overnighted the parts to me and they arrived early the next day.

Great job, guys! You know I'll be back for more business soon. And I encourage anyone else on here to check them out as well!

11/05/2014, 09:16 AM
Thanks for the nice comments. Our staff really appreciates it!