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11/02/2014, 01:38 PM
I purchased a ultra high effiency unit with built in booster pump. First I must say the unit is great, I have been using kent for years because they made a good membrane. Your new membrane and unit is putting out 5 ppm water out of the ro. In the past it was about 16, big difference.

My goal is to have it fill a 125 gallon water change tank until it shuts off from float then divert only to rubbermade and fill it and shut off.

I set it up as recommended in a rubbermade can, I put a T to another 125 gallon tank with float valve for water change right after the ro/di and before it got to the rubbermade. The problem is with the 15 foot run to the 125 gallon tank it does not go to the tank at all, just the rubbemade. Second attempt I ran the line to the rubbermade to the top of the ceiling to give it a little more head pressure, it still only goes to rubbermade. I do not want to place a shut off to the rubbemade since it uses a pure water flush system.

11/03/2014, 08:37 AM
Install a check valve on the RubberMaid line:


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