View Full Version : hair algae?

11/03/2014, 02:19 PM
This was attached to a coral I had just bought. It's attached to it really good and I feels like I'm pulling out grass by the roots when I'm removing it. Its not slimey at all but feels more like a moss and it also had tiny clear bubbles that looked gelatinous until I squeezed them, they just seemed like they were filled with water.

Eric Boerner
11/03/2014, 02:34 PM
It's caluerpa racemosa, or grape algae. It's not as bad as hair algae, but it can get toxic when it dies off. Some herbivores 'may' eat it. This is what we typically put in a refugium and grow outside of the display tank, since it can get ugly in the tank just like hair algae. But unlike hair algae, its much easier to maintain.

11/03/2014, 02:46 PM
Thank you! So should i just frag the piece of coral it is on and add that part to my sump or just let it be and trim it back if needed? I pulled off as much as possible but couldn't get it all. I had one hermit pick at it but only a little, same with one snail.

11/03/2014, 07:25 PM
A tang would demolish that...if you had one of course

11/03/2014, 07:28 PM
I have a blue tang, she's shown no interest.