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11/06/2014, 02:52 PM
Just wanted to share my experience with these guys.

Made my first order with them a couple weeks ago (couple firefish, skunk cleaners). Unfortunately one of the cleaners was DOA (molted in the shipping bag...) and the other died a couple days after. Not clear why..but shrimp can be difficult to adjust.

Sent them emails of the dead guys over the weekend, and on Monday had my new shrimp added to my next order that was shipping out on Tuesday. Nice!

Well yesterday the larger order arrived and there were several fish that I feel were significantly larger than the range given on the website.
Nice again! :thumbsup:

So the nicest fish on the order was a magnificent Foxface - have always wanted one and decided to pull the trigger...but a mixup occurred and I was shipped a one-spot instead. :hmm5:

I emailed a couple pics to them this morning and by lunchtime (Pacific time) I had an email appologizing for the mistake and saying they would be shipping out the correct fish tonight!
Really nice! :cool:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I realized I had the wrong fish but this was a NO hassle experience! Great customer service, IMO. Mistakes can happen to anyone, but I feel it is the response to them that seperates the OK from the great!

Just wanted to put this out for anyone considering them.

And did I mention that nearly everything (6 out of 7) was on sale as well..?

I would order from them anytime.

11/07/2014, 01:02 PM
Thanks SCreefer. You rock as well. :)